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Where to find products Cellmen Geneva

Travel to the end of Useful Wellbeing

"Institute for Men", a quiet center, in the artists' quarter in Geneva, the only institute offering Luxury treatments for Men based creams Cellular Cellmen.
Cellular personalized care premium,
specially designed to revitalize, to prevent the effects of age and reveal radiance, specifically adapted to the physiological age and skin sensitivity. Men, Women
These treatments, combined with rejuvenation (intense pulsed light), the RF and mésoporation act on wrinkles and plump up the collagen in your dermis. They are at the forefront of rejuvenating treatments.
Pleasant professional, equipped with sophisticated equipment, welcome you and guide you through a wide range of modern treatments: Permanent Hair removal, permanent makeup, Mesoporation, Radiofrequency et Facials.

the Hair removal

Wax: You are welcome to all areas. For stressful areas, the VIP treatment offers a relaxing massage relaxing massage  afterwards.. But we have much more modern ways you suggest.
Electric or électrolysis:
permanent hair removal appreciated reserved for hard to reach areas or resistant. Practice every day for over 25 years.
Intense pulsed light:
softer simpler, more modern, efficient appliances and require sophisticated controls, our camera scans your hair for optimum efficiency.  Come discover Gift CHF 100.-


The slimming your body

Finally an easy and effective way to permanently disappear your bulges, cellulite, love handles and belly bounced. The Institute for Men combines several VIP treatment to tighten, plump, firm, sculpt your face or body. The only place in Geneva where you can enjoy the mésoporation, radiofrequency, lipocavitation, intense pulsed light, ultrasound, and especially Cellmen care

Cosmetics Care

Cellmen care of man in a hurry
Ideal for oily or combination skin, for active men, demanding, suffering attacks of aggressive pollution.
"The rejuvenating Cellmen"
Over time, cell renewal slows and the regenerative capacity of the skin decreases.
"The Swiss Intensive Elasto-Collagen"
Highly moisturizing and firming highly improve the natural moisture level of the skin. Restores firmness, elasticity and suppleness to the skin.
"Cell-Facial Anti-Aging Conditioner With Mésoporation"
Luxurious anti-aging cellular therapy based on modern technology and treatment, a single treatment protocol.


In addition Cellmen care of the face and body, "Institute for Man" offers you to continue your care at home by providing the products Cellmen brand known worldwide, which potentiate treatments

Swiss Bust treatment for your girlfriend

Tensor care neckline and bust. The elasticity and tone of her breasts are incredibly increased and bust remodeled. This soothing treatment restores firmness and shape the chest, your hands will be the first to note the differences
Care " exceptional firmness


Brown spots increase with age, occurring especially in the face, neck and hands, they are deposits of melanin pigments whose appearance is caused and aggravated by exposure to the sun. Treatment with intense pulsed light helps to mitigat

The Laser Rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation or rejuvenation is performed intense pulsed light whose wavelength corresponds to the target tissues involved in aging: collagen, intradermal water, pigment and vascular stains.
It reshapes the facial skin and neck and improves its tone, allowing the gradual filling of wrinkles and fine lines, without pain or redness

The eyelash extension

The Glamour of Hollywood Boulevard, in your eyes, eyelashes star daily to all men. Painstaking work, eyelashes placed one by one, for a stunning and natural look that will be remembered. Lighter and more natural lashes for VIP

Dyeing, eyelash enhancement

Prompt treatment and ideal for all men still performing business contact.
Add punch to your look for 8 to 12 weeks
Beauty for Men offers a combination of both treatments

The Permanent Makeup Men

The new techniques available allow you to be attractive and charming daily in all circumstances. Gone are the doubts about your potential, your performance, no loss of time, and we can hide or minimize your scars or drawing features attractive.
Confidence in you, Lives Down the Lane

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